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Some pictures of the shop when it was clean.

Here are the two workbenches, there is a complete write up on the workbench page.

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Here is the view down the long section, it's about 35 feet.

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Here is the out of the way easy to store not often used items such as my &(^^(%$#%^planer and my shop vac.

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Looking out of the lathe area into the main shop portion.

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Here the new lathe in the new area.  I had to move the lathe area since it was right underneath the TV  room.   This Jet is quite a bit heavier than my old Grizzley.

web20061130_lathe1.jpg (264017 bytes)web20061130_lathe2.jpg (250765 bytes)

Some tools that came with the Jet lathe.

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This is the Tool holder that I built. I finally got tired of all the tools laying around in different areas.  For more details on the lathe tool holder check the Lathe Tool Holder page.

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My sanding station.  So far I have the Baldor grinder for the rough stuff and the Tormek for the finer tools.  I don't really use the Baldor that much anymore since getting the Tormek.  If you can swing the cost of the Tormek I would highly recommend it.  I have never been able to get that "sharp" edge on my plane blades, but not a problem any longer.

jy_grindingstation_12312004.jpg (68433 bytes)


The jointer, which sits in front of the TS.  Finally had to put wheels on it since the shop is getting a little tight.

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Here is the mess of clamps.  For more details go HERE.

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The air filter hanging high. If you don't have one of these I highly advise buying one. Clean air in the shop is wonderful.

jy_airfilter_12312004.jpg (61198 bytes)


The beast, er, bandsaw. This has brought some friction into the house. I started looking at the 14" Delta, but my testosterone caused me to go a little bigger. This is a 20" Agazanni. My wife compensated by buying the same $$ worth in Longaberger baskets, not hard to do by the way.

jy_Agazanni_12312004.jpg (73911 bytes)


Here is a bit of unused floor and wall space. The lumber on the floor is the scrap left over from my kitchen floor job. We had about 50% scrap, which is now fire wood.

jy_shop7_12312004.jpg (81774 bytes)


Simple yet practical tape storage. I know, it's no woodworking masterpiece but I just feel so much better having all my tape in one spot.

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Here is some space that is not all that well used. The shelf is from my youthful model building days.  Also a corner that houses the Ebay boxes and other miscellaneous stuff.

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Here is the storage room. I managed to put my lumber, dust collector and air compressor in there. If you look hard enough you will find my 3" mahogany slab, lord knows my wife found it fast enough.

jy_lumber_12312004.jpg (87848 bytes)jy_DC_12312004.jpg (71900 bytes)


Here are a few shots of the router table.  I made this one from a design I found in Router Magic by Bill Hylton.  It is constructed of all scrap wood except for the top.  Since I didn't have lot's of money at the time, I went to HD to see if they would give me any scrap laminate.  Well, I walked out with some purple laminate.  If I had to do it again I would use white, it is just easier to see your work.

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03/28/2006 - new addition to the shop is this Dewalt DW788 scroll saw.  For now I have it in the corner of the shop, this will most likely have to change since that doesn't have the best lighting.  Got this primarily for the kids, they can use this "first" power tool without being too scared, plus it doesn't make much noise.  Added a Scroll Saw page just for the scroll saw and projects from it.

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