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April 26, 2006

Here is the first project my eight year old and I made together, actually she did a lot of looking and saying "how much longer"?   I simply took a 1"x1"x2" piece of pine and cut it from two sides.  Once we pulled the finished piece out of the block we were both surprised that the figure actually looks like a reindeer.  The last pic is of my Daughter holding the reindeer.

JY_Reindeer1_04262006.jpg (195485 bytes)JY_Reindeer2_04262006.jpg (182441 bytes)JY_Reindeer3_04262006.jpg (214838 bytes)



September 6, 2006

The frog was pretty easy, other than trying to cut through 1 1/2" of pine.

20060713_Frog_1.JPG (437290 bytes)20060713_Frog_4.JPG (433778 bytes)20060713_Frog_5.JPG (435098 bytes)

The giraffe was relatively nerve racking.  I had no idea whether the legs would be cut up or if they would survive, they are very thin.  As it turned out even the knobby knees looked good.

20060713_Giraffe_1.JPG (468849 bytes)20060713_Giraffe_2.JPG (442040 bytes)20060713_Giraffe_3.JPG (418966 bytes)