Lathe Tool Holder
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After finally getting tired of the tools laying in different spots I decided it was high time to make a tool holder. I searched several books for a design and finally found something that I could alter to meet my needs. The case is made of cherry, walnut and birch plywood. My intention was to make the case and back very light so that the walnut would stand out more. When I came back from the store with my Danish oil I realized that I picked up the "cherry" stain one instead of the natural oil. Oh well.

First two shots are the casing under construction.

jy_lathetoolholderprogress2.jpg (49253 bytes)jy_lathetoolholderprogress1.jpg (69411 bytes)


And my bad example of a dovetailed joint.  Yes, I learned something here.

jy_lathetoolholderprogress3.jpg (40178 bytes)

Now the completed version.

jy_lathetoolholder4.jpg (68703 bytes)


Tools nicely packed away.

jy_lathetoolholder3.jpg (82194 bytes)


Little close-up of the walnut base and top.

jy_lathetoolholder2.jpg (94946 bytes)


There's a little more room for expansion but not much.

jy_lathetoolholder1.jpg (86762 bytes)


Now I should really make something on my lathe.