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The subject of hand tools is relatively new to me.  As with many woodworkers I started with strictly power tools and have made a slow migration toward the non powered tools.  There seems to be a little more self gratification when it comes to doing work with these tools.  It is however much more difficult.  As time goes on my collection of hand tools keeps getting bigger.  At this point in my life I only get what I consider high quality tools, no more cheep stuff from the Borgs.


Here are a few pics of my new Lie Nielsen 12" crosscut backsaw. The first of it's kind for me. Now I just have to learn how to use it. I even sprung for the rosewood handle.

jy_backsawhandle2_08292005.jpg (75287 bytes)


Here is a shot with the old saw. You guessed it, Home Depot.

jy_backsaw1_08292005.jpg (59509 bytes)


Here are a couple of pics from my plane collection. There are a couple of 7's, 6. 5 1/5, 5, 4 1/2, 4 and a 3. A woodie smoother snuck in. Some need a restoration, maybe this winter.

jy_stanleyplanes1.jpg (90304 bytes)jy_stanleyplanes2.jpg (80427 bytes)


Here are some non Stanley planes, mostly Lie Nielsen.

jy_miscplanes.jpg (88087 bytes)

April 26, 2006

Here is my first draw knife.  I bought this in preparation for a chair making meeting  with some of the local galoots.  It is a 4" Pfeil.  The second picture shows the mess my 10 year old made before I could even play with the new tool.  She got good enough to sharpen some pretty good points on some scrap sticks she dug out of the "fireplace" pile.

JY_Pfeil Drawknife_04262006.jpg (288058 bytes)JY_SimoneMess_04262006.jpg (326008 bytes)

September 6, 2006

New LN dovetail saw and LN #9 miter plane.  Now that I have the plane I need to make that shooting board that I've been stalling on.

HandSaws1_09062006.jpg (413368 bytes)HandSaws2_09062006.jpg (418865 bytes)LN9_09062006.jpg (409023 bytes)

November 30, 2006

New LN chisels.

web20061130_LNchisel1.jpg (279173 bytes)web20061130_LNchisel2.jpg (273819 bytes)web20061130_LNchisel3.jpg (310762 bytes)