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Here are a few projects.  In no way do I profess to be a turner.  This is strictly for entertainment.

Just to wet your appetite, here are my first ever turnings.  If you haven't already guessed, they are bells.  My daughter said they look like Hershey's Kisses.  I didn't realize till then that I had no idea how a bell really looks like.


Mahogany bowl (my very first bowl)

mahogbowl1.JPG (98644 bytes)


Crabapple bowl - For a neighbor

CAbowl1.JPG (48097 bytes)


Small maple bowl

SMC_Bowl Maple2_11222004F.jpg (92097 bytes)


Father/Son bowl

Popside.JPG (82347 bytes)



Gum - Did this a while back, just now decided to take a pic.  My wife hates it so this guy will probably disappear shortly.  Form reminds me of a cauldron.

wGum1_20061006.jpg (169888 bytes)Gum2_20061006.JPG (431677 bytes)Gum3_20061006.JPG (483934 bytes)


Natural Edge - My first natural edge bowl.

wBoxElderNE1_20061006.jpg (185111 bytes)


Closed Form - This was my first closed form bowl.  Made at the Dave Marks class.

wBoxElderCF1_20061006.jpg (174416 bytes)



Eggs - I had to try.

jy_Egg_crabapple_20061205_1.jpg (249848 bytes)



Couple of shots of a cherry bowl.  The purpose of this bowl was to get the sides thinner and more even than I have been.  The bowl was from a roughed out piece I had made several years ago, before I really got into turning.  I actually found the bag it was in when I sold my Grizzley lathe while cleaning for the next lathe.

CherryBowl_2_20070215.jpg (720896 bytes)CherryBowl_1_20070215.jpg (828272 bytes)



My first exotic wood attempt.  The purpose to this turning was to practice hollow form turning and thinning down wall thickness.  The bowl is out of bloodwood and the lid from birdseye maple.  Bowl and lid measure 4 1/2" wide by 2 1/2" tall.

jy_bloodwood bowl1_20070307.jpg (163044 bytes)jy_bloodwood bowl7_20070307.jpg (255633 bytes)jy_bloodwood bowl2_20070307.jpg (70774 bytes)jy_bloodwood bowl5_20070307.jpg (175360 bytes)

jy_bloodwood bowl3_20070307.jpg (201387 bytes)jy_bloodwood bowl4_20070307.jpg (115824 bytes)jy_bloodwood bowl6_20070307.jpg (205043 bytes)



My daughter had a birthday party and I thought it would be nice to make something to put in the goodie bag.  Since so many kids are into Harry Potter I thought this would be a good opportunity to try my hand at wands.  Woods used were jotoba, maple, cherry, mahogany, purpleheart, zebrawood and some other unidentified wood from my wood stock.

w_20070916_wands.jpg (251839 bytes)w_20070916_wands1.jpg (247985 bytes)w_20070916_wands2.jpg (226502 bytes)



Had to try my hand at some bottle stoppers.  Not too much trouble to make.  I think the hardest part is coming up with the shapes.

BottleStoppers_20071216.jpg (48396 bytes)



Small maple burl I made for a friend.  Size is about 2" x 2".

w600_maple bowl_1.jpg (79101 bytes)w600_maple bowl_3.jpg (69127 bytes)w600_maple bowl_2.jpg (88693 bytes)