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I was very fortunate to take a bowl turning class with David Marks.  The class was for beginner/intermediate turners, fit me perfectly.  We actually spent 11 hours in class, well worth the price of admission.  It's hard to believe that a guy that popular can still be so down to earth.  Here are some pics of the class.


Here one of my buddies gets some one on one time with the master.

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Here another buddy gets a quick lesson on how to get that tool truly sharp.

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Here the big buddy gets a lesson on how to "not" get a catch.  That guy had so many catches I thought there was a punk band in the room.

Web_DM_JimH1_20060929.jpg (437922 bytes)


And finally, I had to get a pic of Dave and me to prove I was there.  And that thing I am holding is my very first hollow form.

Web_DM_JimY1_20060929.jpg (420806 bytes)


Here is the finished project.

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