Home Up



With my kit lens and Kenko tubes these are what I have been able to make.  As I have more practice at it I will create better shots.


Ever wonder what an eye looks like up close?  Try to take a picture of one.

w600_macro_eye_1.jpg (79167 bytes)


Maple burl.

w600_macro_maple burl.jpg (117410 bytes)


   Stuff in Omi's yard

w800_IMG_1011.jpg (111031 bytes)w800_IMG_1016.jpg (202772 bytes)

Blooming maple tree

 w800_maple bloom.jpg (131354 bytes)

Grape Hyacinth up close

w800_grape hyacinth1.jpg (107612 bytes)w800_grape hyacinth2.jpg (117521 bytes)



w1000_IMG_1199.jpg (150881 bytes)