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Below are some pictures that were taken by Cristina during one of our not so good matches.



Jim and Yuichi goofing off.


Ya, that looks goofy.


Me hitting into the net.  I never said I was good at it.


What is Ken doing here?


OK, I just thought this pictures is funny as hell.


Raph getting stuffed.


TImeout.  "Boys, we are getting killed".


Raph during a launch.


Nice block Jim.


Yuichi, one for the ladies.  Sorry, no closeup.


Ken during a launch.  Look at the height on those feet.


Concentration, too bad the ball went into the other court.


Can you say "extension"?


Jim outsinde of the court, means he had to chase down a bad bump.  Nuff said.


What is Glen blocking?


What is Ken doing?


What is Ken doing?


Nice, high and around the blockers.


Nice block Jim.  Why are you by yourself?


Nice block, full coverage.  These two know what they are doing.


Dude, I just gotta know what Ken is doing.


Nice block.


Nice block.  These two are awesome.


Why are Raph's hands behind him?


OK, I'm dying here. Ken, what is that all about??


Rick all in the open.  Now that is good setting.


Uh, where is the blocker?


These guys were killing us on the blocks.  Our high percentage hitter even had troubles.


Do I just look awkward here?


Now that's better.


Ken working the net.


Now Ken is getting some help.


Beautiful looking set.


Yuichi taking care of business.


Again.  And does Glen look scared?


Uh, Yuichi, how does that help?


Rick: "Please, don't hit me."


Nice high hit, but those guys were ruthless blockers.


The "Superfly".


The leg kick made the difference.


Look at those faces, tells it all.