Radio Stuff

The factory radio is a Kenwood unit that was satellite ready.  All I had to do was buy a module and antenna and hook it up to the radio, easy enough.  I have to say that if you spend any amount  of time in your vehicle you should really get satellite radio, whether its Sirius or XM.  Since getting Sirius I rarely listen to regular radio or CD's.  The commercials on "free" radio just drive me nuts.


Let the installation begin.  Pulling the bezel was the first thing to do, just to see if I (very non electrically inclined) could actually pull the radio out without destroying anything or burning down the truck.

Radionobezel.JPG (187502 bytes)


The next item of business was to run the antenna to the module.  I simply pulled the third brake light and ran the wire through the seal, over the headliner, down the b-pillar and over to the module under the carpet.  The roof mounted antenna shows makes for a nice clean look and not very obvious.  The module was hidden under the passenger seat, I really want the vehicle to look as factory as possible so the thieves don't become too interested.

antennatop.JPG (140557 bytes)antennaback.JPG (196751 bytes)bpillarwiring.JPG (210887 bytes)tunerinstalled.JPG (190541 bytes)


All that was left then was to run the module connection to the stereo.  This was a bit more challenging since the dash wasn't easy to push a wire through.  I ran the wire from the unit under the carpet, along the sill plate, up the wire bundle behind the passenger kick panel, through the dash and finally to the back of the radio.

kickpanelwiring.JPG (218160 bytes)