Taurus SHO


This is my 1995 SHO.   My previous vehicle was the Sentra SER which got a little small for the "family".  It was a pain to get the car seat into the back on the Sentra so we decided to get a larger car.  My wife and I went to the dealer with the intention of buying a Cobra.  As we got there I saw one of the guys I worked with who had a Cobra.  I asked what he was getting and he said that the Cobra sucked when you tried to get a car seat in the back, the front seat couldn't go back far enough for comfort.  I was in shock.  My wife and then went for the SHO, it's as good as I could do for performance and still haul the little one.  The car was very reliable and lasted us for nine years.

SHO Add2.JPG (1198749 bytes)SHO Front.JPG (1231427 bytes)SHO Front2.JPG (1031312 bytes)SHO Side Light.JPG (1116511 bytes)