1979 Monza


Oh ya, this car was my favorite to drive.  Besides being a fast mode of transportation, it was an eye turner.  This thing was a babe magnet, it definitely was not me in it.  I would even get cops pulling me over just to ask questions about it.


monzaside.jpg (408445 bytes)

monzastreet.jpg (411154 bytes)


We out an eight point cage in this to make it a little safer.  It was a bear to get in and out of the seats.  That huge 5" tach was not for show.

monzainterior.jpg (327898 bytes)


Here is a shot of the home made four link suspension, once set up right the car would really hook up,

monzasuspension.jpg (262218 bytes)


Shot of the fuel tank and the tubs.  Notice how close the tubs are together.  I also learned from my Duster to put in steel tubs, forget about the weight.

monzatrunk.jpg (291958 bytes)


This is the little power plant.  This was a 350cu-in engine.  This tiny car had plenty of get up and go even with this mild engine.  The engine had the factory 350-350hp solid lifter cam, the heads were 491's and I forget what intake I used, the carburetor was my favorite Holley 3310 750.

monzaengine.jpg (373639 bytes)