1971 340ci Plymouth Duster


This was my first and last Plymouth product.  I didn't like the fact that the parts were enormously high and the guys who owned them were very arrogant.  The car almost got me kicked out of my Mom's house.  The second she saw the trailer pull up with the car on the back she was pissed.  She didn't talk to me for a week.  She's over it by now.


I don't own a single photo of the full vehicle, pretty sad, told you I was poor during my college days.  This first picture is fuzzy, it's not your computer.

dusterclip.jpg (300232 bytes)


These next two show the before and after versions of the engine compartment.  The car eventually gat painted Chrysler's "Panther Pink".  The color was really nice.

dustercompartmentafter.jpg (342213 bytes)dustercompartmentbefore.jpg (477834 bytes)



Here you see my first attempt at tubbing a car.  I have to say that using aluminum tubs on a street car is a really bad idea, all those little road rocks will eat up the aluminum.

dustertubs.jpg (320408 bytes)


Here is the engine.  Nope, no pictures of the car together.  The two Holley 600's ran like crap.  I ended up putting a single 750 on.

dusterengine.jpg (291254 bytes)