1974 Corvette


Once out of my drag racing phase, I decided to get something a little more main stream.  My goal as a teenager was to own a Corvette by the time I was 25 years old, I bought this one at the age of 22.  When I bought it the car had just been painted, the rest was junk.  The first thing I did was to replace all the suspension components and get new wheels and tires.  Then while my parents were out of town for a week I replaced the engine, didn't want my Mom to know since she always thought I should be spending my time studying.  Of course my Dad figured it out right away when I left for school the first day they were back.  This car was a lot of fun to drive, did perfect four wheel slides during hard maneuvering.

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Replace the ugly seventies van wheels with the factory rallies, the rears were a little wider than the factory wheels.  When I finally did save up enough money for the center caps and rings I ended up selling the car.

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