1969 Chevelle Malibu


Here is my first "real" car.  I owned this one for five and a half years.  It really got me into cars and hopping them up.  When I bought it there was a small journal 302ci engine in it, if you know anything about Chevy engines you know the importance of that.  This car was my training ground in engine building skills.  One year I had five engines in it, not because they were bad but because people kept buying the engines.  I need to find some more pictures of the full vehicle.

chevelle1back.jpg (361878 bytes)

chevelleandcuda.jpg (393722 bytes)

chevellescoop.jpg (314822 bytes)


Here I was changing out the intake on my 396.  The engine was a lot of fun, really got me into liking big block engines.  If I only had money back then I could have dine so much more.

chevelle1396work.jpg (334596 bytes)

chevelle1396full.jpg (357738 bytes)


This pic is of one of my many 350cu-in engines.  At one time I had six 4 bolt main 350's in my garage ready for me to build them up. I ended up selling all the 350's since I got into big blocks.

chevelle1350.jpg (382122 bytes)