2006 Detroit Auto Show
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These are the pictures I took while attending the 2006 Detroit Auto Show.  There aren't many but these are the vehicles I found the most interesting.


Here are two of the Maseratis.  I couldn't get any closer for a better shot.

Detroitauto_20060112.jpg (515623 bytes)


This is a concept from Mitsubishi.  This was a very good looking truck.  Of course you have to like street trucks.  It was in between a compact and full size pickup, kind of like a Dakota.  Notice the Calipers are Brembo.  I don't care much for white trucks but this one was some kind of off white that looked nice.

Detroitauto1_20060112.jpg (468681 bytes)Detroitauto2_20060112.jpg (516356 bytes)Detroitauto3_20060112.jpg (480294 bytes)Detroitauto4_20060112.jpg (493979 bytes)


Some little Mitsubishi thing.  I just thought it was very unique looking.

Detroitauto5_20060112.jpg (472787 bytes)


This is the F250 Concept truck.  I don't really care for it.

Detroitauto6_20060112.jpg (470399 bytes)Detroitauto7_20060112.jpg (509107 bytes)


Here are some miscellaneous pics.

Extreme_Property___Right_Front_Quarter.jpg (116274 bytes)Extreme_Property___Front_Quarter_Closeup.jpg (114210 bytes)Extreme_Property___Fascia___Front_Quarter.jpg (139671 bytes)Extreme_Property___Fisheye_View_of_Nose.jpg (123355 bytes)